What Was The Agreement Between Columbus And King Ferdinand

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But these reflections do not diminish the scope of his achievements. If Columbus did not discover America, he found the best routes for the Europeans to reach it, and almost all the other ships followed him for the next three hundred years. His explorations have led to continuous contacts between the European and American peoples. Columbus has focused the attention and capital of European governments and investors on America, leading them to create colonies throughout the region over the next century. And he was the first European to explore the Caribbean islands and the mainland, from Honduras to Venezuela. Columbus and the Age of Discovery, muweb.millersv.edu/~columbus/ a website run by Professor Tirado at Millersville University, leads to more than a thousand print and online sources. It is shameful that very few people survived, especially since they did not even know what they were getting into, but this letter explains that Christopher wanted to bring them peace and love for each other and Spain, but also for others! It appears that, according to the text above the letter, Christopher`s intentions were not exactly correct. He suggested that peace should be extended to them, but lives were lost and slavery began to create madness/sadness instead of peace. Isabella did her will on October 12, 1504, before her death on November 26, 1504. There she spells the succession of castile`s crown and leaves it to Joanna, then to Karl, Joanna`s son. Isabella doubted Joanna`s ability to govern and did not trust Joanna`s husband, Archduke Philip. Ferdinand settled down soon after his wife`s death to continue his role in Castile.

On the day of his wife`s death, he formally renounced his title as king of Castile and became governor (Gobernador) of the kingdom to become regent. Philip thought his wife was good and capable of dominating. A compromise was found between Philip and Ferdinand, which earned Ferdinand another role in Castile. [12] Ferdinand was regent during his absence in the Netherlands, ruled by her husband, Archduke Philip. Ferdinand tried to keep the reign permanently, but was rejected by the Castilloise nobility and replaced by Joanna`s husband. In 1494, the Treaty of Tordesillas divided the whole world, beyond Europe, between Portugal and Castile (Spain) for the purpose of conquest and domination, across a north-south line descending from the Atlantic Ocean. The review of his first voyage (AJ-062) shows that he left on August 3, 1492 and returned in April 1493 and landed in the Caribbean on October 12, 1492. Research conducted by the National Geographic Society in the 1980s concluded that this landfall took place in Samana Cay, Bahamas, that the Arawak Indians called Guanahani and that Christopher Columbus immediately called San Salvador. From there, he went to Fortune Island, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, which he called Espaola, when he thought he was near Japan.

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