Sample Of Franchise Agreement In Malaysia

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There is no restriction on a franchisee`s payments to a foreign franchisor in the franchisor`s national currency (foreign currency). If the franchisor is unable to determine any of the previous circumstances, it follows from Section 34 FA that the franchisor must extend the franchise agreement to another period if the franchisee has requested such an extension. It should also be noted that the franchise agreement must include similar or no less favourable terms than the current franchise agreement for the extended term. The concept of “additional period” in this provision seems to indicate that the extended period for a franchise agreement based on similar or no less favourable terms is limited to an additional period from the initial duration. Franchisors must submit to the franchisee any changes to the disclosure file 10 days before the agreement is signed with the franchisor or after the clerk approves the disclosure documents, depending on what is applicable. It is, of course, mandatory for a franchisor to register its franchise with the Registrar of Franchises before it can operate a franchise business or make an offer to sell the franchise to a person (section 6, paragraph 1, of the FA 1998). Registrations can be provided online through the Malaysia Franchise Express System (MyFEX). The registration fee is RM50, the registration fee is RM 1,000. [3] On the basis of Section 7 of the FA 1998, a deductible was registered, submitting the application to the Clerk in the prescribed form (BAF2 form), as well as other documents, such as. B as publication documents containing all necessary information (BAF1 form), a sample of the franchise agreement, operation and franchise training manual, a certified authentic copy of trademark or intellectual property rights certified by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO), a certified copy of the constitution (Form 9 or 13 24, 44 and 49) and a copy of the latest audited financial statements. The application can be withdrawn at any time before being approved or rejected. Finally, the franchisor and franchisee must be honest and legitimate to follow the best business practice of the time and place (FA 1998 section 29). This duty of good faith can be dealt with.

In the case of Lim Seng Kiat – Lim Woo Yen v Jee Hing Lim – Tee Bee Ling [2015] 1 LNS 94, the complainants misrepreses to the respondent (franchise) that the first defendant was the principal Malaysian franchisee for the “COMEBUY” brand and had the power to sell the “COMEBUY” franchise. As a result, the franchise agreement was cancelled from the start. We offer you the opportunity to share our experiences and for the microcredit activities of Rakyat Ar-Rahnu Bank. Join the fast-growing Islamic brushing pawn industry (Ar-Rahnu) with our Ar-Rahnu X`Change franchise… The franchisee must then register the franchise with the Registrar within 14 days of the date the franchise agreement is signed in accordance with Section 6B of the FA 1998, using the required registration document.

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