Land Lease Agreement Uganda

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The Land Act and Uganda`s 1996 Wildlife Statute authorize the change of land use in protected areas. The Basic Law, Section 45(5), allows the government to grant “concessions or permits or permits” for the exploitation of land or natural resources in protected areas, although the government is not authorized to “rent or otherwise dispose” of these resources, in accordance with Section 45, paragraph 4. Supporters and civil society organizations interpret it to mean that the authorized use of land must be consistent with the objectives of the protected area. With regard to Pian Upe, the Attorney General reiterated his agreement: “For concessions, licences or authorizations to be granted legally, they must concern a company related to wildlife management or the management of wildlife and nature reserves.” Defusing and changing land use in protected areas are governed by Ugandan law. In the Constitution, Article 237, Section 2, Point b) states that “the government or local government, established by law, protects human beings and protects natural lakes, rivers, wetlands, forest reserves, game reserves, national parks and all areas to be reserved for ecological and tourist purposes for the common good of all citizens.” A similar provision appears in the Law of the Land, Section 45, paragraph 1. Supporters argue that the doctrine of public trust is rooted in this legislation; the principle of preserving certain lands or resources for public use and the obligation for the government to preserve such lands for proper use by the public. A tenancy agreement is a contract between a landlord and a tenant that defines the terms of their tenancy agreement. 1. Periodic rental agreement: here, a person enters into an agreement with a landowner to occupy his property, enjoy exclusive property and regularly pay rent. B, for example weekly, monthly, quarterly, biennial or annual.

The periodic lease agreement may be renewed depending on the agreement between the parties. Before a periodic tenancy agreement is terminated by the lessor or tenant, an appropriate termination must be made according to the terms of the contract or the duration of the lease, if the notice contract is silent, for example.B. a weekly tenancy agreement requires one week`s notice, a monthly tenancy agreement requires a one-month termination , while a quarterly lease requires a three-month termination, etc. The only exception is an annual lease that requires a six-month termination. The tenant in Demland is a contract by which a landowner gives permission to another person to occupy land and to benefit from exclusive ownership for a period of less than five (5) years in return for rent. Tenants acquire no interest in the land, but only have the right to use the land for the duration of the lease. There are three types of tenants, namely: periodic leases, at will tenants and tenants suffer. KCCA public landowners offered by the Kampala District Land Board and KCCA landowners.

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