Gafutures Student Participation Agreement

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Section III of the form is particularly important. In this section, consultants are required to list the courses that Georgia Southern students wish to take in order to meet the high school diploma requirements. Please note that consultants must list the corresponding high school race number for each course students take in South Georgia. When filling out the form, please refer to this list of authorized high school courses and college equivalents. Georgia`s Move on When Ready program offers the total cost of participation for students who meet the program criteria and take Georgia Tech approved incense courses. Each Georgia Southern Dual Enrollment student must have a student participation agreement before completing each semester. If students do not agree to participate in the orientation, they are not informed. For the form to be complete, four sections must be completed (sections I, II, III and V). Section V requires signatures from the student, parent/guardian and principal. You can learn more about the program at GA Futures (formerly GA College 411). Once you have been admitted to Georgia Tech, fill out the forms for Move On When Ready:

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