Department Of State Status Of Forces Agreements

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5. The projects, works and works covered in this article, commissioned directly by the U.S. armed forces, use Spanish equipment, labour and equipment where possible and comply with U.S. requirements, which comply with treaty specifications contained in tenders issued by U.S. authorities. 9.3 U.S. Army ships and Spanish Navy ships are immune from research, including customs and health. On-board communicable diseases, which may be suspected or known to exist, must be notified prior to the practice request. Personal goods disembarked by visiting vessels are subject to customs declaration and inspection by local customs authorities.

(3) The U.S. Armed Forces may use authorized radio frequencies and call signals. Changes to previously authorized frequencies or call signals or requests for additional frequencies or call signs are coordinated, approved and assigned by the standing body. 5. In cases covered by Article 12 of this agreement and for the execution of flights whose purposes go beyond those covered by Article 2, paragraph 2, of this agreement, United States aircraft operated by or for the United States armed forces may, with prior authorization from the Spanish government, benefit from the privileges covered by paragraph 1 of this article. An agreement on visiting forces resembles an agreement on the status of the armed forces, with the exception of the first, which only temporarily covers intervention forces in a country that does not reside there. The competent authorities of the United States provide the Standing Committee and the Base Commander on a quarterly basis with a list of the names of personnel from third countries that provide services to the United States Armed Forces in Spain through appropriate or unfunded activities, and indicate their activity and IDA, if assigned. 5. , for the importation of equipment, equipment, supplies, provisions and other goods, as well as for services provided to the Spanish armed forces for transfer to the United States armed forces under this agreement.

For the purposes of this agreement, the base, the property of the Spanish state in which there are IDAs for the use and maintenance of the permanent and rotational units of the United States armed forces and the authorized numbers for each unit are: 3. The general description and purposes of the IDAs present on the bases are listed in Schedule 2 of this agreement. The establishment of new ASDs in accordance with this description and for these purposes may be approved by the Spanish authorities, at the request of the US armed forces, after consultation with the Standing Committee.

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